Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Useful Pots To Put Things In

These useful pots are available in four colour combinations:  Red, Yellow, Blue and Green, each in combination with a shiny Black glaze.  The photos in this post show the range of pots I am currently making in these colours.

Wine cooler and straight-sided goblets

Wine cooler and rounded goblets

Footed Fruit Bowls

            Serving Bowl (no foot) with Dessert Bowls

Mugs (straight-sided)

Mugs (footed)

Teapot (top handle)

Teapot (top handle) with pie plate and garlic pot

Teapot (side handle) with cream and sugar

Cream and Sugar Sets

Lidded Casserole Dishes

Candlestick Holders (pairs)

Pie Plates

Pate Bowls (with wooden knife)

Garlic Pots

Honey Pots (with wooden dippers)

From left:  Egg Separators, Garlic Pot, French Butter Bell, Pate Dishes, Honey Pot

French Butter Bell (round)

French Butter Bells (straight)

Lidded urn (with lugs) and Landscape Platters (small)

Lidded Jar

Lidded Urn (with lugs)

Landscape Platter (large)

A Starting Point for 2010

The addition of an air compressor and sprayer into the studio last summer provides an opportunity for some subtle overlaying of glazes. Last year I experimented by spraying landscape inspired colours on squarish platter forms. I'm looking forward to expanding on some of these landscape platter forms and colour compositions.