Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ottawa Guild of Potters Spring Exhibition & Sale 2010

This was my display at the Ottawa Guild of Potters sale held last week-end.  Thanks to all of you who attended!  The Guild's fall sale will be held in mid-Nov. at the same place, the Hellenic Community Center, 1315 Prince of Wales Dr.

There are usually between 60-70 potters at the sales--lots of variety.  This photo was taken during set up. 

Landscape Platters--a continuing exploration

 combination of slip trail and spray glazes, some spraying through stencils

a winter landscape
a summer landscape

detail of summer

landscape or road to somewhere


Much to my surprise the last two platters pictured here (summer and road to somewhere) are now part of a juried exhibition which was on display at the Ottawa Guild of Potters sale last week-end and which now moves on to a Fusion conference to be held at Carleton University the last week-end of May.  Fusion is the Ontario Clay and Glass Association.

NEW Sushi platters

These rectangular platters are sold as sets with two little matching sauce/wasabi bowls.  However, the platters are great for serving any kind of food, and the wee bowls are handy for other things as well.

New pots for spring

I've been struggling with glaze consistency and one of the things I've changed is my firing schedule.  Lately I've been soaking the kiln (holding the top temperature) at the end of the firing, just for 5 minutes.  As a result the bone and red glazes appear more vibrant and have a higher sheen. 
some of the new butter bells