Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"Table Manners" a new west end Ottawa pottery show!

I'm very excited about this new pottery show in Westboro!  I will be one of 24 potters showing & selling new works on April 9 & 10 at the Churchill Seniors' Center, 345 Richmond Road (a few doors west of Churchill Ave., right beside the church).  The potters will have a tearoom on site as well, featuring home baking and fair trade teas and coffee which you can enjoy being served from the potters' own teapots and mugs.

It sounds like a good excuse to come out and enjoy spring in Westboro.  Remember, there is some parking available one block north of Richmond Rd. (accessed off Churchill) on Madison Ave.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Texture and slip-trail

I used to do alot of slip-trailing (a calligraphic-type "trailing" of coloured clay or "slip") and I miss it.  I've been thinking of ways to add decorative interest to platters.  Lots of ideas, including slip trailing, come to mind, so I've been trying some of them--thickening up the edges, adding texture by scratching into the surface, or by imprinting with stamps, spraying several overlapping glazes.....Here are a few results from the first kiln load.  I'm looking forward to developing these techniques.

Here are a few mugs with imprinted border patterns.