Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ottawa Guild of Potters Exhibition & Sale April 11-14

This year the Ottawa Guild of Potters is celebrating 40 years!  I think I first joined 29 years ago and have been a member off & on ever since.  Hope you can join us for special celebrations at the opening vernissage on Thursday, April 11 at 6 p.m.--or stop in anytime throughout the week-end.  Potters will be demonstrating handbuilding and wheel throwing techniques throughout the sale!

New pots for Spring

I've been working on some new forms for my spring shows.  The lasagna baker is a variation on the oval bakers I've been making for a few years.  They make lovely serving dishes or you can bake right in them.  The main thing to remember with pottery is to put a room temperature pot into a warm, NOT hot, oven.

For some reason I haven't made vases for awhile....but this year I've made a few slab vases (flat-sided) and some thrown (round) ones.  They all look great with flowers in them!  (See the display photo below.)

Lasagna Baker

My display at the Westend Pottery Sale