Monday, August 25, 2014

NEW!! Salt shakers and Espresso cups

Have you seen this design of a stopperless salt shaker?  The tiny hole you see on the bottom is where you fill it up with table salt.  When it sits on the table, the salt is stored in the hollow interior "donut" in the pot.  Give it a shake and the salt comes out of the hole!  Very clever design.

And I have new espresso cups in all 4 colours with a black interior.  Both the salt shaker and the cup pair up nicely with a little bread & butter plate.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

The River Guild in Perth, ON

I took some new pots to The River Guild in Perth last week, and will take more in September.  It's a lovely shop which carries the work of at least six potters, as well as all kinds of unique handcrafted items.  Well worth a visit to this charming town.

1001 Pots in Val David

We holidayed in the Laurentians this summer (if you haven't cycled Le Petit Train du Nord, I highly recommend it) and spent our last night in Val David, home of 1001 Pots, a one month pottery sale/exhibition extraordinaire.  Here are a few of the many photos I took:

  The last two photos are an enormous structure on the property, whose wire walls are gradually being filled with broken pottery, presumably donated by the many potters who have taken part in the sale over the decades.  This place defies description--you really need to experience it!  Check it out for next year at

Summer sales are over!

Thanks to everyone that made it out to one of the summer sales.  For a total of 8 days outdoors, it only rained on one of them.  Not bad given the kind of summer we've had.  Now I'm busy filling orders and will soon start gearing up for fall sales.  The first one is Thanksgiving week-end in Summerstown, east of Cornwall.