Thursday, February 9, 2017

Getting ready for 2017 shows

I've been busy in the studio trying to be as productive as possible during these first months of the year before the craft show season begins.  I'm happy to have some orders to work on and am finding time to experiment with some new forms.  As much as I love my backyard studio, during these cold winter months I lament the fact that there's no water out there.  It's so much easier in the summer to use the nearby garden hose and wash out buckets, glaze sieves, etc. outside.  I've learned over the years to make sure I have enough glazes mixed to get me through these few months.  And I try to wait patiently for those first few days that get above freezing when I can get outside to use my spray glaze equipment for those larger pieces which I prefer to spray.

And these are the months when show applications for the summer and fall must be carefully prepared and sent off.  This year I seem to have a few conflicts with longstanding shows, so I'm applying for a few new ones to try to fill the gap.  Fingers crossed that I'll be never know, until the jury makes their decision.

In the meantime, I've updated my show list as best I know it now.  Looking forward to a full slate of shows starting in early April with the Originals Spring Show in Ottawa.